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Swathi Business Solutions (SBS) is a young and vibrant company. The professionals who have been working in ERP market for a long time are running this enterprise. At the core of our philosophy lies adding value to the customer. We help our customers find right manpower in a short turn-around time. Our extensive reach in global and local market help us respond to your manpower need in shortest possible time.

Whatever your requirement may be, we should be able to cater to it quickly.

Value Preposition

With a boom in IT markets and outlook looking optimistic across the globe for the coming year, right manpower is increasingly becoming a challenge. High rate of attrition, technology obsolescence, and growing demand are the challenges facing IT managers of the world today.

Right manpower can mean the difference between a satisfied client and a rapid growth and company failing to maintain to attract customers.

We at Swathi Business Solution take this challenge very seriously. We partner with you to take care of your manpower needs.

In a short time since our inception in the year 2004 in SAP Domain, we have brought smiles on the faces of many recruiters. Please refer the section of our client list to know more about our customers. We offer you all the levels of services, whether it is your need to meet a short burst of manpower to meet a particular phase of your project, training, post Go-live rollouts or permanent recruitment. We are keen to partner with you.

We are willing to go to any extent to help you find the right person. We go extra mile by helping you locate the skills from any corner of the world for your local or global requirements. We are proud to see you satisfied. For us it is a matter of our very survival and we take it seriously.

SBS’s major strength is its core of several proven professionals that service our clients' business needs. Our global exposure and diverse experience across the industry, makes us a preferred choice for your technology needs both on Consulting & Corporate Training front.

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